Welcome !

This is my Portfolio.

I'm a graphic designer and an illustrator based in Paris who loves to think with creativity.

My strength is to be polyvalent and to have a global vision on a graphic project.


I spend two years in the mobile application studio at SFR as a graphic designer. I designed multi device UX/UI applications like SFR Mon Compte, SFR Mail, SFR Shopping, AppliScope, Home By SFR, etc. And I also was one of SFR's Brand Keeper (digital art direction and digital guidelines).

sfr -applis-1 sfr -applis-2 sfr -applis-3 Mon compte iPad Mon compte iPad sfr -applis-5 sfr -applis-6 Home iPad Home iPad

Leclerc Café

Leclerc Café is an event website about coffee and associated's moods.

Leclerc café : home Exemple of mood Mood page Product page

Isis Réveille Les Hommes

Isis Réveille Les Hommes is a school project about an interactive mirror. My objectives here : to create a short movie (story, storyboard, capture and post-production), to participate to the digital strategy and art direction.

screenshot isis réveille les hommes : home screenshot isis réveille les hommes : video screenshot isis réveille les hommes : intro screenshot isis réveille les hommes : dressing screenshot isis réveille les hommes : agenda screenshot isis réveille les hommes : mobile screenshot isis réveille les hommes : spec

American Apparel : Personal Shopper

Redesign the brand e-commerce website and create a new mobile application for American Apparel named Personal Shopper. It allows people to find American Apparel's stores and also the community in order to make exchange of American Apparel clothes.

home page home page 2 personal shopper mobile application iphone mobile application android


I love to make illustrations. Here is some of my work !

illustration of a prehistoric man illustration of a civil war illustration of a warrior the winter hotel space ship Jesus just do it/ At zoo Agatha Christie Grenouille Le petit chaperon rouge/ Portrait Illustration Fishing

Des clous et de la coke

Des clous et de la coke is a short animation school project using photoshop, after effect and 3dsMax. It is about a drug dealer lost in the desert... I had not so much time to make the animation but I tried to make it fun ;)

landscape turnarround 3D car landscape desert/


I am passionated about paintings... So sometimes, I realise one !

Painting of a black woman Painting of a black woman : details Painting of a withe woman Painting of a landscape sketching Academic


Etique is a project about a small company who restores old barrels. I created the whole brand image for this project.

logo etique Carte de visite Depliant Flyer

About Me

I am passionated by great images since I am young. I want to create THE image that will make the difference ! I spend most of my time in a digital agency based in Paris as an Art Director's assistant. My skills : brand identity, webdesign, illustration and animation.


If you have a cool project to submit me or if you have any questions, please contact me !